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  • Lloyd's muestra en Londres su funcionamiento a los corredores proeles de Fecor 12 julio, 2024
    El programa internacional exclusivo diseñado por Fecor para los corredores Proeles, los menores de 42 años que forman parte de la federación, ha celebrado su primer evento en Londres, en la sede de Lloyd's, para conocer cómo se trabaja en otros países y las características de sus respectivos mercados aseguradores. En esta primera inmersión José […]
  • Fundación Inade y Allianz seguirán fomentando la cultura del riesgo y el seguro 12 julio, 2024
    Fundación Inade y Allianz han renovado su convenio de colaboración, por el que el ambas se comprometen a seguir fomentando la cultura del riesgo y el seguro en el tejido empresarial. Tiene como objetivo principal la colaboración en áreas clave como la formación, la investigación y la divulgación, en el marco del plan de actuación […]
  • El IPC de seguros sube un 9,1% en lo que va de año 12 julio, 2024
    El pasado mes de junio la tasa anual del Índice de Precios de Consumo (IPC) general fue del 3,4%, 2 décimas inferior a la registrada el mes anterior. Los datos del INE detallan todos los sectores de actividad y, en el caso concreto de los seguros, el incremento fue del 5,2% en ese sexto mes […]
  • El CCS publica sus informes anuales de 2023 12 julio, 2024
    El Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (CCS) tiene ya disponibles en su web los informes correspondientes a 2023. En concreto, el Informe Anual, el Informe de Actividad (en español e inglés) y la Memoria de Responsabilidad Social. Si quiere recibir diariamente y GRATIS noticias como esta, pinche aquí
  • Previsión Mallorquina pone de relieve la importancia de las vacaciones para los autónomos 12 julio, 2024
    Los autónomos afrontan múltiples retos para poder tener días de descanso de su trabajo, lo que a su vez genera un coste para la salud mental, el bienestar emocional y la calidad del desempeño profesional que puede suponer. Según el Estudio sobre la Salud Profesional de las Personas Autónomas de Previsión Mallorquina, un 19,1% de […]

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  • Guest Post: Key Factors General Counsel Should Weigh Before Choosing Malpractice Coverage 11 julio, 2024
    In the following guest post, Nelson Kefauver and Kilauren McShea review the considerations they believe in-house counsel should take into account in connection with their professional liability insurance arrangements. Nelson is the Head of Profin, North America and Kilauren McShea is the President of Management Liability at Intact Insurance. I would like to thank Nelson... […]
  • Guest Post: The Additional Pro-Defense Benefits of the Macquarie Decision 10 julio, 2024
    As discussed here, in its April 2024 decision in Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. v. Moab Partners, the U.S. Supreme Court held that a failure to disclose information required by Item 303 of Regulation S-K cannot support a private claim under Rule 10b-5 in the absence of an otherwise-misleading statement. The upshot is that so-called “pure omissions”... […]
  • Medical Device Company Hit with SPAC-Related Securities Lawsuit 9 julio, 2024
    In my recent review of the 1H24 securities class action litigation filings (here), I noted that SPAC-related securities suits were less of a factor in the overall number of suit filings during the year’s first six months than they had been in recent years. However, even though the peak of the SPAC frenzy was several... […]
  • SEC Files Settled Charges Based on Alleged Cybersecurity-Related Control Deficiencies 8 julio, 2024
    In an action the SEC’s two Republican Commissioners sharply criticized in a separately-issued statement, the SEC has filed settled charges against business communications services provider R.R. Donnelly & Sons (RRD) relating to the company’s disclosure and accounting controls in connection with cybersecurity incidents the company suffered in late 2021. The company, which the SEC credited... […]
  • Professional Services Exclusion Bars D&O Coverage for $118 Million DOJ Settlement 7 julio, 2024
    In a recent decision, an intermediate California appellate court affirmed a trial court’s holding that the professional services exclusion in a healthcare records software provider’s D&O insurance policy precludes coverage for the company’s $118.6 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) of kickback payment allegations. As discussed below, the appellate court’s decision raises... […]

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  • Jessica Waters 27 abril, 2022
    Areas of Expertise: Climate Change/Risk, Natural Hazards, Loss Prevention, Loss Mitigation
  • Sanjay Chawla 9 enero, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Investment Strategy, Investment Trends, Pension Assets, Asset Allocation, Global Markets
  • Sonserae Toles 9 enero, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Talent Management, Executive Recruiting
  • Louis A. Gritzo, Ph.D. 18 agosto, 2015
    Areas of Expertise: Natural Hazards (windstorms, flood, and earthquakes), Property Hazards, Climate Risk, Property Loss, Scientific Research, Fire, Explosions


  • Insurance Museum Collections & How They Tell The Story of Insurance 12 julio, 2024
    The Insurance Museum has a modest collection of items that stretch back to the 1650s. Join Howard Benge, Director of the Insurance Museum, to investigate these items in detail, how they help to tell the story of insurance and what other items the Insurance Museum will be using when it establishes a physical museum.OnlineThu 12 […]
  • A Plain English Introduction to Engineering Insurance/Inspection & Contractors Insurance 11 julio, 2024
    The Insurance Institute of Guernsey is holding the above event with speaker Alan Chandler. The talk is an hour and a half with the ability to network following the talk. The event will be presented in two parts - Part One: A Plain English Introduction to Engineering insurance and inspection, and Part Two: A plain […]
  • A Guide To Understanding Policy Wordings 11 julio, 2024
    Recent litigation has demonstrated the importance of understanding the policy contract wording. This webinar explains how policy wordings are constructed and may be interpreted.OnlineTue 20 Aug. 2024 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • *SAVE THE DATE* Annual Conference 10 julio, 2024
    The Insurance Institute of the Isle of Man is pleased to announce details of their Annual Conference which will be taking place on Wednesday 23rd October 2024. We have six speakers confirmed covering a wide range of topics and offering up to four hours worth of CPD. More details will follow in due course!Manx Museum […]
  • Application Fraud: the forgotten frontline battle 10 julio, 2024
    The latest ABI statistics relating to insurance fraud show a rise in application fraud and the number of detected incidents far outweigh fraudulent claims. Yet, when we talk as an industry about fraud, the focus is all too often on claims and curiously application fraud is somewhat overshadowed. All insurance professionals are on the frontline […]