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  • ERSM lanza un nuevo servicio de correduría online para sus clientes 4 October, 2023
    ERSM Insurance Brokers ha renovado su web corporativa con el objetivo de ofrecer a sus clientes un nuevo y completo servicio de correduría online. El usuario no sólo podrá obtener información completa sobre los servicios y soluciones de la correduría, sino que, además, puede contratar y hacer cualquier gestión relacionada con sus pólizas. La estructura […]
  • "Tu ciudad se llena de pianos" de Fundación Jesús Serra cerró el año en Logroño y Madrid 4 October, 2023
    Durante el mes de septiembre, Fundación Jesús Serra y el Concurso Internacional Maria Canals han llenado las ciudades de Logroño y Madrid de pianos a través de la iniciativa "Tu ciudad se llena de pianos". Los ciudadanos de ambas localidades han podido disfrutar de la música al aire libre en escenarios improvisados que han albergado […]
  • La insurtech IMeureka y DUAL Ibérica buscan aumentar la eficiencia de las corredurías 4 October, 2023
    La insurtech IMeureka ha firmado un convenio de colaboración con DUAL Ibérica. A través de esta alianza, DUAL ofrecerá a su red de profesionales, las mejores soluciones para el corredor de la mano de IMeureka. En palabras de los directivos de IMeureka, Rafael Zurera y Pablo Collado, "la innovación y la agilidad son esenciales en […]
  • El unit linked Plan Creciente SIALP de Nationale-Nederlanden, líder en su categoría según ICEA 4 October, 2023
    El unit linked Plan Creciente SIALP de Nationale-Nederlanden encabeza la clasificación de Seguro Individual de Ahorro a Largo Plazo (SIALP) que elabora ICEA en el segundo trimestre del año. El producto es líder en lo que se refiere a volúmenes de primas, con una cuota de mercado del 21,52%. "Desde su nacimiento, el objetivo de […]
  • Carles Alsina, Juan Ramón Pla y António Madureira refuerzan el equipo directivo de Sabseg Group 4 October, 2023
    Carles Alsina ha sido nombrado nuevo CEO en España de Sabseg Group. Le acompañan en el equipo directivo Juan Ramon Pla como vicepresidente y Antonio Madureira en calidad de consejero, tal y como acaba de anunciar la compañía. Luis Gómez Terroba, ex CEO del grupo, seguirá vinculado a la compañía como asesor del consejo. Alsina […]

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  • Guest Post: Planning for D&O Lawsuits: 3 Tips for Reducing Risks for Directors and Officers 3 October, 2023
    In the current challenging economic circumstances, corporate directors and officers face a daunting array of potential liability exposures. In the following guest post, Arlene Levitin, Esq., Claims Officer, Complex Management Liability, NAS Financial Lines Claims, Liberty Mutual Insurance;, and  Bonnie Hoffman, Esq., Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Shiller, propose three ways that through careful planning... […]
  • Guest Post: The Risks of Shareholder Derivative Suits and D&O Coverage 2 October, 2023
    One of the most important director and officer litigation risks is the possibility of a shareholder derivative lawsuit. In the following guest post Sam Vardy and Carey Lynn take an overview of derivative suits and discuss some of the important D&O coverage issues the cases present. Sam is a lawyer and Divisional Director, and Carey... […]
  • Supreme Court to Consider Whether Item 303 Violations are Actionable under Section 10(b) 1 October, 2023
    The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case in which the court will be asked to address the recurring question of whether the failure to make disclosure required by Item 303 of Reg. S-K is an actionable omission under Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5. The Court apparently agreed to take up the case due... […]
  • Guest Post: ESG and Financial Lines Insurance in Australia 28 September, 2023
    Readers of this blog well know that one of the current hot topics in the world of D&O is ESG – and not just in the United States, but in Europe, and elsewhere as well. In the following guest post, Persia Navidi, Partner in Insurance, Cyber and Climate Risk at Hicksons Lawyers, provides an overview... […]
  • Large Company Bankruptcy Filings “Surged” in Year’s First Half 27 September, 2023
    According to a new report from Cornerstone Research, the number of large corporate bankruptcies “surged” in the first half of 2023 compared to the number of filings in the most recent years. The report, which is entitled “Trends in Large Corporate Bankruptcies and Financial Distress: Midyear 2023 Update” reports that the number of large corporate... […]

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  • Jessica Waters 27 April, 2022
    Areas of Expertise: Climate Change/Risk, Natural Hazards, Loss Prevention, Loss Mitigation
  • Sanjay Chawla 9 January, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Investment Strategy, Investment Trends, Pension Assets, Asset Allocation, Global Markets
  • Sonserae Toles 9 January, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Talent Management, Executive Recruiting
  • Carmelina Borsellino 26 September, 2017
    Areas of Expertise: Loss Prevention, Property Risks, Engineering, Business Continuity, Cyber Risk
  • Louis A. Gritzo, Ph.D. 18 August, 2015
    Areas of Expertise: Natural Hazards (windstorms, flood, and earthquakes), Property Hazards, Climate Risk, Property Loss, Scientific Research, Fire, Explosions


  • A plain English overview of Builders performance bonds 3 October, 2023
    This one-hour webinar, presented by Alan Chandler one of the most popular presenters in the UK, will explain the difference between a bond and an insurance contract and show why brokers need to understand what a builders performance bond is. From time to time your clients, particularly those involved in the construction sector, will look […]
  • 5 Skills of a Future-Proofed Advisor in Insurance & Financial Services 3 October, 2023
    The way we work as professional advisors is changing at a rapid pace. With the growth of Generative AI, automated processes and decision-making, we need to understand how we must adapt to ensure we remain a valuable asset to our clients and a trusted advisor.OnlineWed 11 Oct. 2023 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
  • An Insight into RPC with Jeff Heasman 2 October, 2023
    The IIB has teamed up with one of Bristol's leading international law firms, RPC and Jeff Heasman to deliver an exciting seminar and networking event for the University of the West of England students. Join us from 13:00 to enjoy lunch on arrival. The session will begin at 13:30 with an introduction to RPC. After […]
  • An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and how it is being adopted in Insurance 1 October, 2023
    In this webinar we will provide some basic definitions and explanations about what AI actually is and how it works as well as providing examples of AI in use in both our personal and business lives, with a focus on the insurance sector.OnlineWed 11 Oct. 2023 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
  • Visit to Lloyd's (November 2023) 28 September, 2023
    A one-hour visit to the internationally renowned Lloyd's building to provide an introduction to Lloyd's and how the Lloyd's market works.Lloyd'sThu 23 Nov. 2023 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm