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  • Guest Post: Scrutiny Over Share Repurchase Programs; Can The Board Ever Get It Right? 13 enero, 2022
    Corporate share repurchases hit record levels in 2021. But as discussed in the following guest post by Sarah Abrams and Bret Hilgart, share repurchases can sometimes result in litigation and share repurchases could have important implications for directors and officers’ liability. Sarah is Head of Professional Liability at Bowhead Specialty Underwriters and Bret is Head... […]
  • First SPAC-Related Securities Suit of the New Year Filed 12 enero, 2022
    As I noted in my recent round-up of the Top Ten D&O Stories of 2021, one of last year’s important securities litigation stories was the onslaught during the year of SPAC-related securities class action lawsuit filings. I also added in the year-end round-up my projection that SPAC-related securities suits could be an even bigger factor... […]
  • Rare D&O Insurer Win in Delaware Court, But Should D&O Insurers Celebrate? 10 enero, 2022
    Readers of this blog will be interested to know that in a recent D&O insurance coverage dispute, the Delaware Superior Court actually handed the D&O insurers a win — a rare development indeed in Delaware’s courts. However, the D&O insurers won by successfully arguing that Delaware law governed the insurance dispute; the ultimate outcome may... […]
  • First Coronavirus-Related Securities Suits of 2022 Filed 9 enero, 2022
    As I have noted on this site, even though it has now been nearly 22 months since the initial coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., coronavirus D&O lawsuits have continued to be filed continuously since the initial outbreak. Coronavirus-related securities suits were in fact a significant securities litigation phenomenon in 2021 as well as in 2020.... […]
  • Do Derivative Suit Dismissals Signal End of Non-U.S. Companies’ U.S. Liability Threat? 6 enero, 2022
    In my round-up of top D&O stories from 2021, I cited the recent rise of U.S. derivative lawsuit filings against the boards of non-U.S. companies as one of the year’s most important D&O liability and insurance stories. I was not alone in identifying this trend as a key development. Allianz identified the threat of these kinds of... […]

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  • 2022 Predictions: Surging warehouse demand fuels risks 4 enero, 2022
    As demand for warehousing space, driven by e-commerce and various other trends, continues to grow, it's vital that warehouse users remain mindful of the risks that these facilities can face and the disruption that can be suffered, writes FM Global's Russ Kirby, operations engineering manager.
  • Addressing the climate risks your organization faces in 2022 and beyond 30 diciembre, 2021
    2021 was a significant year when it comes to both the impact of the changing climate and also in terms of awareness of this risk. FM Global's Adriano Lanzilotto looks at the most impactful climate risks affecting businesses and provides risk management advice on some of the best mitigation strategies.
  • Minimizing the risk of thermal runaway in renewable batteries 17 diciembre, 2021
    With modern applications of lithium-ion batteries relatively new, property owners are just beginning to understand the risk implications of thermal runaway, writes Paul May, Australia operations engineering manager at FM Global.
  • Three weeks, three honors for FM Global innovation 16 diciembre, 2021
    Although FM Global, for nearly two centuries, has constantly found new ways to make clients resilient, rarely has its diligence gained such recognition as it has this month, winning three risk management awards.
  • Tornado Alley may be moving east, placing billions in business and supply chains at risk 14 diciembre, 2021
    Following the tornadoes that struck the Southern U.S., an area critical to U.S. supply chains, FM Global's Katherine Klosowski explains how affected businesses can rebuild their facilities stronger and more resilient.

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  • Kevin S. Ingram 4 agosto, 2021
    Areas of Expertise: CFO Issues, Finance, Risk Management, Analytics, Business Process Improvement
  • Wade Chmielinski 15 junio, 2021
    Areas of Expertise: Cyber Security, Cyber Hazards, Cyber Risk, Cyber Defense, Industrial Control Systems, Physical Security
  • Katherine Klosowski 9 enero, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Climate Change/Risk, Natural Hazards, Loss Prevention, Loss Mitigation
  • Sanjay Chawla 9 enero, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Investment Strategy, Investment Trends, Pension Assets, Asset Allocation, Global Markets
  • Sonserae Toles 9 enero, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Talent Management, Executive Recruiting

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