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  • Court Holds Larger M&A-Related Retention Does Not Apply to Securities Claim 29 November, 2021
    Several years ago, when it became clear that plaintiffs’ lawyers were going to file merger objection lawsuits in connection with essentially every M&A transaction, the D&O insurers responded by adding a separate, larger retention for M&A-related claims. The larger M&A-related claim retention quickly became pretty much a standard feature of public company D&O insurance policies.... […]
  • New York’s Highest Court Holds SEC “Disgorgement” Payment Not a “Penalty” 28 November, 2021
    In the latest development in the long-running saga involving the efforts by J.P. Morgan to obtain D&O insurance coverage for the $140 million “disgorgement” that its predecessor-in-interest, Bear Stearns, paid to settle SEC market-timing allegations, the New York Court of Appeals (the state’s highest court) has reversed the intermediate appellate court’s ruling that the payment... […]
  • Sunday Arts: A Comment on the Aristocracy 27 November, 2021
    Editor’s Note: This installment of Sunday Arts reproduces a portion of a blog post originally published on May 10, 2010. The reference to Michael Lewis’s Vanity Fair article reminded me that a copy of his latest book, The Big Short, is languishing unread on my bookshelf. Rather than reading yet another account of our dysfunctional financial system,... […]
  • Guest Post: Court Addresses Biometric Claims and Insurance Issues 26 November, 2021
    In an October 19, 2021 decision in Twin City Fire Insurance Co. v. Vonachen Services, Inc., the Northern District of Illinois, applying Illinois law, addressed key insurance coverage issues under the D&O and EPL coverage parts of a management liability insurance policy. In the following guest post, Peter Selvin reviews and analyzes the decision. Selvin... […]
  • Guest Post: VW Dieselgate: Minority Shareholders File Suit Against D&O Settlement 24 November, 2021
    As I discussed in a blog post at the time, in June 2021 VW announced that a settlement had been reached in the D&O liability action that had been filed against the company’s executives in connection with the “Dieselgate” scandal. The settlement, which had an aggregate value of approximately $351 million, was approved by VW... […]

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  • Kevin S. Ingram 4 August, 2021
    Areas of Expertise: CFO Issues, Finance, Risk Management, Analytics, Business Process Improvement
  • Wade Chmielinski 15 June, 2021
    Areas of Expertise: Cyber Security, Cyber Hazards, Cyber Risk, Cyber Defense, Industrial Control Systems, Physical Security
  • Katherine Klosowski 9 January, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Climate Change/Risk, Natural Hazards, Loss Prevention, Loss Mitigation
  • Sanjay Chawla 9 January, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Investment Strategy, Investment Trends, Pension Assets, Asset Allocation, Global Markets
  • Sonserae Toles 9 January, 2020
    Areas of Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Talent Management, Executive Recruiting


  • BI Regional Update 29 November, 2021
    We have all closely followed the BI Test case launched by the FCA late 2020, with the final judgement having been handed down on 15 January 2021. The outcome was clear and far-reaching. The case highlighted the ongoing exposure of insurance brokers who arranged the relevant policies (who should have by now reassessed their advice […]
  • Navigating the hard cyber market 29 November, 2021
    This session will look at the factors currently influencing the cyber market, and leading insurers to increase rates and tighten terms. It will give an insight in to claims trends, and how companies can best protect themselves; both from the impact of these changes, and from cyber risk more generally.OnlineThu 13 Jan. 2022 1:00 pm – […]
  • Introduction to Engineering Insurance 29 November, 2021
    This introduction to engineering insurance session looks at the main covers and helps brokers and insurers identify key risk areas.OnlineTue 15 Mar. 2022 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
  • Essential Sales, Client and Soft Skills for a Hard Market 29 November, 2021
    This session overviews the best practice methodologies and skills that are particularly important in hard market conditions and that create the client and market relationships to enable the effective delivery of trading strategies.OnlineWed 23 Feb. 2022 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
  • The Dynamics of the Insurance Market cycle 29 November, 2021
    The first in our series of hard market sessions provides an understanding of how the insurance market cycle works, and the specific factors that drove this hard market.OnlineThu 20 Jan. 2022 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm